Thursday, 7 April 2011


When I eat chocolate, or cheese, my cheeks perspire and I sneeze.  Strange, but true.  So why am I sitting here scoffing an easter egg?  I noticed that it had broken earlier, so thought I'd better put it out of its misery.  It's no longer broken.  It's happy. And so am I.  I can hack a spot of cheek perspiration and a sneeze is always short lived.

My sister is to blame entirely.  She bought the eggs and placed them on the mantelpiece, reminding us about how as kids, we'd have tons of eggs each year, always placed on the mantelpiece, and I would make mine last forever whilst she would scoff hers really quickly.  So the tables have turned, and I might have to sneak the other two in, before she comes back tomorrow...

Oh, an oeuf is an oeuf, I'm not much of a yolker, but before I crack up I must go and get some eggstra sleep, my brain is scrambled!


  1. You are definitely a funny easter bunny! Here's hoping for more eggs and more sleep. xx

  2. Am having chocolate withdrawals...and Burrow withdrawals! : -((( x x x x