Saturday, 9 July 2011

Making Rice Milk

Darling Jam decided to do a bit of research to see if we could buy Rice milk in bulk, the same way he tried to do it for eco - nappies, although we ended up using re-usable nappies instead, which saved a lot of money, but the nappies story is for another post. 
So, whilst researching he stumbled across this blog Vegan reader and an article on how to make your own Rice milk.  The Vegan reader blog is really interesting food for thought and I easily lost a few hours reading it and recommend you do to.  The recipe and method is on there and probably advisable to go to that for all the info, but it's really quite an easy process, heck if I can do it anyone can! 

Boil up some rice for a few hours, add a bit of salt, syrup if you want it sweetened, oil and blend it, strain it and hey presto there's your rice milk.  Whilst we were making it and at the straining stage I was getting a little impatient and started putting the bits that wouldn't go through the muslin into a bowl.  Rolypoly, (is that alright to start calling Rowan that, I realise I haven't changed his name and really think I should seeing as though I change all the other names! So there it is, Rowan is Rolypoly, to go with Jam and Flora, unless you come up with a better one...)

So, Rolypoly was very inquisitive and keen to see what I was doing, then wanted to taste it and of course - it's nice, it's delicious, yummy rice mush for the baby, so instead of spending a few more hours squashing it through the muslin I fed it to Rolypoly instead! He LOVED it!  Picture to prove it...


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  1. How about Bubbaboo? Or just HI!? : -)) xxxx