Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Wallpaper Strip part 8

Something had to change didn't it! Which room do you think went first?

If you said the downstairs room or 'snug' as we call it, then you're not wrong.  It wasn't a change through choice mind, there was a bit of flooding and the walls just peeled off.  We kept one wall, which I was quite pleased about but Jam was very happy that the others went.  It did make the room look a lot bigger. 
Unfortunately half the wall started to crumble as well and there is a big crack right down it, so a bit of work is needed. 
In the meantime Rowan's artwork cunningly covers up the cracks and I bought some plain paper to redo the walls with, but that hasn't happened yet - I am waiting for a visit from a willing friend...!

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