Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Fossil hunting in Lyme Regis

Some friends, L & L came to visit us from London.  It was great to see them, they had been to a party the night before so took their time getting here, L nursing a hangover so L had to drive, hmm, this could get complicated...

So we drove to the seaside, Lyme Regis, famous for its fossils.  It's a quaint, small and expensive seaside town.  We considered having lunch there but it was extortionate. Jam really wanted a pasty and with hindsight we should have let him have one, for the pasty call didn't end there and I ended up making him pasties galore - actually, I started making them and he had to finish them, which made them taste so much nicer!

The Cornish Pasty

We stopped instead at a pub for a carvery, although they had run out of carvery so chose from the menu.  It was good.  There was a bit of confusion about the desserts but we got through it and came out smiling and feeling very full.  What a lovely day it was too, the weather was blusty but, did I just make that word up? Blusty, like gusty and blustering, hmm, just looked it up and blusty means 'A portmanteau describing a woman who has large, though quite clearly plastic, tits.'  Well, we didn't see any of them, but we did scramble along the beach to look for fossils. 

I found a few old pieces of broken crockery that were appealing to the eye and a flat piece of rock, almost slate like.  I took my treasure home and showed Jam the flat rock saying I'd like to engrave it for a friend as a new office gift, when he had a closer look and said ' honey, nice idea, but it's asbestos!'

Gutted, but when I told my friend the story he laughed saying that one of his first jobs was helping an Uncle with his roofing company and so dealt with asbestos all the time, no problem!

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