Friday, 11 February 2011

Jerusalem Artichoke and Lemon Soup

I was given this cookbook for Christmas, Sophie Conran's Soups & Stews   I don't normally do cookbooks but I don't have the luxury of so much time to experiment these days so I enjoy having cookbooks to be inspired by.  Saying that, I tend to adapt recipes all the time anyway because I don't have a particular ingredient, indeed for this one I didn't have a lemon, not a fresh one anyway, just one that had gone hard in the fruit bowl.

My brilliant neighbour Cagney gave me a bag of jerusalem artichokes that she had just dug up from the garden.  How brilliantly country is that.  She's a great neighbour and I'm enjoying getting to know her and her daughter Lacey, you can tell these names are made up can't you?  And I think I've got them the wrong way round and I'm not really sure why I chose them so I hope I'm not offending you dear! I loved that programme when I was a kid... anyway I digress, yet again... brevity Flora, practise brevity!!

So I chopped up all the vegetables, threw them in a pot and cooked it. 

Pureed it, then ate it, forgetting to take a picture beforehand, luckily there was some left over and we presented that to take a picture. 

It's now in the freezer waiting for my sister to arrive and sample it. Oh, I also made some with tomatoes which were a little overpowering and is now in the freezer too.  It might be nice cold when the weather's warmer, like a gazpacho.  I remember making that with a friend from college I was staying with one summer, it was great fun and really tasty. Enough now, back to whatever else I was meant to be doing...

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