Tuesday, 28 September 2010

The View at Night

It's not quite the same as looking down the canal, but it's not a bad view either! This was after a beautiful day of sunshine and I am standing right outside our front door, or is it the back door, it's either or, really, for they are next to each other, which is slightly odd in the first place and certainly confuses guests who aren't sure which door to knock on, although both doors have doorbells, which are very loud, which is a good thing, for if doorbells were quiet then what would be the point?
Ah, distraction, there I go again, started talking about the sunset and ended up on the doorbell, which doesn't actually get rung very often anyway and in fact the first time it did it startled us - what was that? A doorbell? You mean there's somebody outside wanting to see us? But we're in the middle of nowhere! Who found us? Well, of course it was the postman, asking if I didn't want the parcel he had conveniently placed beside the front door when we were out last week and I hadn't seen it, for being used to the city I wasn't expecting post to be left outside my door and still be there a week later! He said he had posted a note through on the back of another envelope, but I fear that may have fallen straight into a recycling box behind the door and luckily I phoned my friend who had sent me some books to confirm they had actually arrived just as she was in a very long (London) post office queue trying to ascertain where the parcel was!
She sent me the second two books in the Millenium trilogy by Stieg Larsson, which I wolfed down like a hungry bird. What a great read and what a great thing breast-feeding is! So much time to read! I'm open to any suggestions of good reads out there please?! Ooh, time for the next book I'm gulping down like a new mother out on the town that's not drunk alcohol for over a year - The Third Policeman by Flann O'Brien (I'm not drinking alcohol at the moment really, although I did try some of our slo gin that we made last year - ooh, very sweet and yummy, must work like medicine for the little boy!) ;)

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  1. Wow - The Third Policeman is James' favourite book of all time and I likes it much too. He wrote a very fun column for the Irish times under the name of Myles na gCopaleen - we have it in Sydnay in collected form.
    Love that view!