Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Tuesday's Tantrum - 2

Mothercare.  This week my rant is about Mothercare.  I have a splitting headache, as I write, Jam is changing the little fella's nappy upstairs and the screams are penetrating my eyes downstairs and so I will try and keep this brief.  I think lack of sleep could be next week's rant.

It may be easier to relay in dialogue.

Jam - Honey what can I do to help you?

Me - Oh, the baby alarm is ready to collect from Mothercare, you could take the little fella and collect it, that would be brilliant.

Jam - Cool, get some sleep darling, we'll be a couple of hours.

A couple of hours later...

Me - Why the long face? Everything ok?

Jam - No, they wouldn't give it to me, said you have to have received a text.

Me - But I did receive the text, that's why I said it was ok to go.

Jam - Well they wouldn't let me have it and didn't look to see if it was there.

Me - And you showed them the receipt?  God I can't believe this!  Look... oh, the text message has a reference number, but they should have checked anyway, they are usually so helpful, I'm going to call them and complain, I'm so upset, who served you?

Jam - A lady called Rebecca.  Think she was the same woman that served us when we bought it.

Brrrring Brrrring ...  Brrring Brrring...

MC - Hello Mothercare, Taunton, Rebecca speaking how can I help?

Me - Hello Rebecca, I'm calling about an order that my husband has just been in to try and collect.  I'm very upset.  They wouldn't give it to him, saying he needed to have received a text, but I had received the text late the night before and read it as 'Your order is ready to collect' and didn't realise it had a reference number, we had the inlaws here and so I just glanced at the text, so this morning my husband said he would take the little fella out for a drive and I said he could go and collect the baby alarm because it was in the store now and he drove all the way there, we're not local by the way, and was hoping to collect and was really disappointed because they wouldn't give it to him saying he needed to have received a text and we had, and I'm just really upset...(I think I said 'I'm really upset' quite a few times...)

Rebecca - I'm so sorry to hear this, do you know who served you?

Me - My husband said it was someone called Rebecca...

Rebecca - Ah, well it wasn't me, there are two Rebecca's working here.  I shall go and have a look for you, just hold the line a moment...
Yes, your order has just come in now.

Me - But my husband was there less than hour ago, so it must have been there then, or the text wouldn't have been sent last night if it wasn't there.  I'm so upset about this, they should have at least checked, he had the receipt and everything.

Rebecca - Yes, I'm not sure what happened there, I shall have to go and find Rebecca and see what happened, we can send it out to you, but it won't go until Friday now. (This was on Wednesday)

Me - Well that's no good, it won't get to us until next week, I shall just have to come back in again tomorrow.  Thank you anyway.  Good bye.


Jam - You just said you were really upset loads of times, you didn't get angry at all!

Me - I know, what am I like! I've lost my knack.  Oh I'm so stupid.  I should have said that I write a really popular (!) parenting blog and shall post something about this poor service.  That's what I should have done. Bah! I should have read the text properly and passed it on to you.  You should have called me to tell me and see whether or not I had received a text! Argh...

The next day...

Me - Hi.  I've come to collect an order.

Donna - Ok, I'll just see if it's there.

Me - It is, my husband came to collect it yesterday and they didn't give it to him saying you had to have received a text, which I had and that's why I sent him to get it, oh I was so upset!

Donna - Oh dear I'm so sorry, you shouldn't have to show the text to get it, that's ridiculous.

Me - I know, and I called to complain but couldn't really say anything else except I'm so upset - I should have said I write a parenting blog and am going to say something about this...

Donna - You should!

So, we got the Vtech alarm home and tried it out and it didn't work properly! We could hear him crying his eyes out and the alarm wasn't registering it.  We thought it was a good one, it had a broad range of features and some good reviews, but then when we looked into it again, there were far more bad reviews saying it shouldn't even be sold as an alarm.  It was very distressing for all of us.  So Jam took it back, they said they had had no problems with it and it flew off the shelves, but we beg to differ.  We ended up paying twice as much more and now have the BT monitor, fingers crossed it will work.  Tonight we will see.

Anyway, I have just had a cup of normality (normal tea) and my headache is clearing, I realise I've not had a cuppa for a couple of days and this could explain the headache - withdrawal symptoms, so good old tea - the greatest headache cure in the West! I'm hooked again.  Well you must have at least one vice in life!


  1. How frustrating! I hate it when people don't do their jobs. Keep drinking the tea and try to relax!

  2. Oh sis! I so wish I was there to make you an endless supply of tea! Hope the headache has gone and the monitor works.... LOVE YOU x x x

  3. Arhh. Mothercare. I had horendous problems with them when Summer was born. I ended up getting her pushchair from babiesrus. They were useless. It took me over two months to get a refund too.
    Enjoy some more tea sis. Lots of love to you all. xxx

  4. You go girl, name and shame them!! :)

  5. I did change the names of the ladies!

  6. As a reader of your popular parenting blog I for one am appalled at their poor service. You just tell them that next time you are in there! x