Monday, 18 October 2010

Home alone

Jam has been away presenting his new instrument in London, combined with our old neighbour Paddy's birthday party and a stag do ~ so we're home alone.  He's sounding quite good considering the amount of partying he's been doing, but we're not even slightly jealous here. Fun and games all the way...

Day one.  I couldn't seem to get the fire going in the living room.  You'd think with all my practise from living on the boat I'd be a dab hand at it, but it's a little harder with a small baby in tow.  On my first attempt I managed to smoke the house out!  Rowan was needing attention so I opened the windows and doors and shut the door between the two rooms.  The next day I went back in to find the fire had a few burning embers at the bottom still, I was amazed and loaded it up and we had a lovely fire and a warm house, for the fire heats the back boiler.  My third and fourth day attempts at fire starting had no such luck, so the electric heater in the bedroom sufficed and we camped out there.  It's been quite chilly in the evenings and mornings.

On the second night Rowan had a really full nappy, I was going to leave it, but thought better of it and got up to do it.  Just as I was opening the new nappy out he rolled off the mat, thumping onto the floor.  Owch, thankfully the carpets are lovely and thick, I picked him up and cuddled him straight away, it all happened so quickly I didn't even remember how he landed but couldn't find any bumps or scratches and he was soon soothed and not complaining at all.  I on the other hand felt weak at the knees and quite sick and spent the rest of the night checking he was breathing.

On the third day, we made more chutneys and apple sauces, everything going really well, even vacuumed downstairs, then whilst putting dishes away managed to drop my favourite saucepan lid, glass shatters everywhere...

The fourth day was immunisation day.  Jam had been held up in London and so couldn't be with me.  I cried in the surgery and felt like a right wally.  The nurse wasn't particularly sympathetic either when I said that I had been wondering if I should immunise or not and had been reading things about it on the internet.  She said you can read an awful lot of rubbish on the internet, if you have any worries you should talk to a medical professional.  I left feeling like a small child, but Rowan gave me a huge grin as I strapped him in the car seat and we laughed all the way home.

He's asleep on my arm now, doesn't want to go to bed, so one handed posting this is and only a few hours to wait until Jam returns. 

So all in all, I made four jars of apple sauce, nine jars of 'MATCHUM' - marrow, apple & tomato chutney - jam, made up the name there having found that this batch of chutney was somehow like jam, chutney jam = chum.  Yes I know, spending too much time on my own!
I fed myself properly and healthily with home made soups and lentil dishes. 
I was up and out of the house before 10am on two occassions! I even impressed myself with that one! 
I finished a poem I've been writing for my sister. 
Watered the plants in the greenhouse.
Was in bed by 9pm every night. 
I did all the washing and cleaning, even did my filing! 
Played guitar to Rowan and sang him songs and he didn't cry.  In fact I'm sure he was tapping along with me.

What a scorcher of a weekend ;)


  1. I remember those early days when my husband had to go away for work for a few days. I felt like a superhero for surviving that. Well done! :)

  2. Sis! You are such a champion! : -) Look forward to trying some Matchum AND reading my poem! Love youuuuuuuuu x x x

  3. You know my dear that the immunisation/autism thing has turned out to be a complete load of bunkum?