Saturday, 30 October 2010

Has anyone noticed?

Has anyone noticed that each of my October posts have begun with the letter H - for no particular reason and I didn't even notice until the fourth one.  Honestly, who cares I hear you cry?  Have you gone mad I say to myself, quite loudly.  How come each sentence is beginning with the letter H now? Have you not got something better to do like say hello to your husband, hoover, have a bath, hug your neighbour???

I did do that today actually, hug my neighbour, it was the first time I met her, lovely lady at the end of our row of four cottages, her Ukrainian husband died 6 years ago, she is 78 now, wow she's amazing for her age, I couldn't believe it, in fact, most older people I meet down here are just rocking it, must be the air?

Help - the baby wakes I shall have to come back to this one.... ;)

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