Sunday, 28 November 2010

Saturday's Supper

I took myself and the little fella off for a walk in the town of Taunton.  We found a carpark, it was a multi-storey one and when we got in the lift I'd forgotten to check which level we were on.  Lucky for us there was a lady getting in the same lift on our return who knew by my description where we were.  Unfortunately someone had dented the side of our car, but that's another story.

In town, I decided to walk around and around and around, with no particular aim except to explore and find the charity shops.  I knew they were by the lovely old looking blue bridge we'd crossed one evening coming back from visiting Grandad.  It was the bridge I was looking for.  I found it and felt a sudden burst of nostalgia for London boat life.  There were coots and ducks and the usual piles of rubbish on the waters edge.  Water, there was water, splashing and flowing and everybody marching past without even a nod to it.  Oh how I longed to just jump over and swim through the rushes, but it is cold and in fact is that snow? Crumbs, had best jump into this shop, oh look, it's a charity shop. Nice.  The young man working there told me that Taunton was in fact the 'town on the [river]Tone' ~ 'town-tone'.  So you learn something new every day.  I also grabbed some fabulous bargains before heading back to the car, in the snow.

We drove home and then I made some supper.  Butternut squash, roasted, then cut in half and seeds scooped out, with diced carrots, leeks and sunflower seeds cooked in olive oil, piled on top, all on a bed of quinoa, with a handful of sprouted mung beans on top.  It was delicious.  I forgot to take a picture of it before we started, it looked quite fallic so it's probably for the best and you get to see the retro plates we have too!

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