Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The Wallpaper Strip - Part 2

I hope you enjoyed part one!  Today we are heading into the Living room.  This wallpaper is interesting, it has a stencil etched panel that changes in the light.  Again it is hard to photograph, if you're ever passing this way in your motorcar you should pop in for a look and a cuppa, you'll leave with your senses invigorated and inspired and maybe even with some home-made goodies to boot.

Quite something hey?  Can you imagine how long it must have taken to put that border up - the walls aren't straight and the border is cut down from another style of wallpaper.  The main pattern running vertically along has the stencilled effect running next to it, then when you tilt your head slightly the whole wallpaper has another shiny, sparkly effect across the whole of it.  Special.  Not my favourite, I'm saving that for another week...

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