Thursday, 6 January 2011

The Wallpaper Strip - Part 5

Click click - and you're back in the room...

Happy New Year, excuse my absence, visiting family and friends, changed plans and no time for writing.  Shocking I know, but hey - it makes me feel like I've got a life!!

Now, the room we are in this week is the spare room.  It has the most incredible wallpaper, it confuses me slightly too, for Jam's mother says it was his grandad's bedroom, but I hope that I am mistaken!

I'm loving the border, it looks hand-painted.

 I'm not sure I am capturing the brightness of this paper, it is hard to capture, it is bright, very bright, much brighter than this.

 Of course, with a contrasting curtain and lovely pelmet. (I believe that is what the white thing is called.)

Yes it's on every wall!  This room is a small double.  It has built in wardrobes in each corner, that seem to disappear into the walls.  It has the fabulous bed-head complete with lamps and drawers.

 Lovely ornate handles and knobs to match.

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