Monday, 17 January 2011

Home made gifts

I started this post before Christmas.  When we had snow... 'It snowed even more last night, so much that we were snowed in this morning.  So plans for today were cancelled and that gave me valuable time to try and make some more gifts.'  That was as far as I got, honestly, these days I don't seem to have time for anything, you'd think I had a little baby or something!

These home-made gifts though are very simple to make, you can make it as arty as you like and it doesn't cost very much at all yet is greatly appreciated and treasured by your loved ones.  I made a batch for family Christmas presents and am going to make some more as thank you's, although how I shall find the time to do this all again I do not know!

Footprints first.  We wanted to try handprints but his little hands grab grab grab so they didn't look too pretty.  We painted the bottom of one of his feet with the paint, then planted it on the card, holding firmly and making sure his toes touched the card, then whipped it off and wiped off his foot before the paint got everywhere.  He was fascinated by the whole process, reaching forward to try and touch the card.

Jam came up with the poem, we printed it off on lots of different coloured paper and used my pinking shears to cut, which I wouldn't really recommend because they are meant for material not paper and are not cheap!  You can get zigzag scissors.

A quick tour of local charity shops finds lots of interesting picture frames.  We tried to make each one different, using different coloured cards and cuttings, after all, each footprint was different.

 A close up of a finished one ~

Fun!  We also made lots of chutney and jam.  There is something so rewarding about making things for people, especially when you don't have much money and would rather make something anyway.  I'm on the case with knitting.... and shall show you my Squirrel when I've sorted out his tail.

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  1. They are gorgeous!!! Perfect present idea you clever thing you! : -) x x x