Saturday, 9 February 2013

Friends and Birthdays

I'm still chuckling at this - 'What?! Someone's had a slice of the cake?!

When that someone has driven all the way over to Box, near Bath, from Bosville, Normandy, braving severe weather warnings and tonnes of snow and that someone has her baby girl of only 7 weeks with her (that's me holding the little cherub, nothing more precious than baby cuddles, what a smartly dressed baby she is too!)...

AND she made the cake herself, yes, that's right, made it herself before leaving, as well as making sure her boy and man were catered for, I think she's excused and who can blame her? It was also her birthday, which she actually forgot about in all the preparation! Thank you RA!

Now I thought we were going for a quiet-ish weekend. We arrived on Thursday night, so as not to get snowed in. Film night on Friday, our friend in Box has set up a brilliant rural cinema, children's show on Saturday morning then a quiet night in for dinner on the Saturday...

We woke up to this on the Friday and that meant we had to go sledging and build snowmen!

The film night was postponed, due to the snow the film couldn't be delivered, but the children's one arrived for the Saturday morning and that was a great experience - hungover watching Madagascar III in a church on my 'significant' birthday, drinking hot chocolate and eating rocky road! 

I was totally bowled over by all my lovely friends making such an effort to get there and have so much fun! We chatted, cooked, laughed, drank, danced, cried, oh and of course - clothes-swapped! Here's Rowan getting into the spirit and trying on the shoes! Boys are not normally allowed to these events mind...

Bit blurred that photo, as were all the ones of the evening, which is probably a good thing, I don't want you getting the wrong impression of me!

Thank you Jam for being such a wonderful husband too, keeping it all secret, getting us there safely, getting the children's breakfasts ready, with beautifully drawn signs showing them where to go and how not to wake up the Mummy's, letting me have a lie in, a bathrobe, breakfast in bed...xx


  1. What a lovely birthday! So glad to see you writing ago too!