Monday, 6 December 2010

Make Monday

Forgive me if it is a little tedious for you, all this Monday Make, Tuesday's Tantrum, Wednesday's Wallpaper, but I find it useful to know which day I'm on.  So Monday's I endeavour to make something.

Now our house is a bit chilly at the best of times.  It's not insulated, it has lots of little extras built on to it from the outside.  So the entrance porch, you know the one with the cute window and the crazy wallpaper, was the outside and it's freezing out there.  All the heat from the fire was escaping outside through this door and so I decided to do something about it.

I found an old heavy looking blanket up in one of the cupboards.  Firstly I found a couple of rather fantastic curtains that are just so amazing I want to make a jumpsuit out of them and wear them always.  I'm quite glad that Jam thought they would clash with the wallpaper!  Perhaps this is another Monday's Make item...

I snipped little slots all along the top of the blanket, wide enough for loops of ribbon.  I have a great ottamon box with loads of odds and ends in and find it immensely satisfying when something I've been saving comes in useful, this time it was the golden ribbon.   I sewed the hoops by hand, then folded the ends back on themselves to create a fold that hangs down to try and cover up the slit in the blanket, not that anyone is going to come in and inspect the hoops but once a perfectionist it's hard to give it up!

Time is obviously of the essence here, losing the heat so quickly and wondering when the next feeding frenzy will be.  I was amazed that it took me less than an hour start to finish and the little boy slept through it all.

Now for my next trick, I'm doing something with a bag of old jeans...

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